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Join the Recruitment City, Receive Information on Job Vacancies from thousands of companies Right on your phone.
In just about six months of inception,MOBILE C.V has absorbed quite above one thousand employed graduates as a way of reducing unemployment.
With increased database of companies already registering to taking graduates and Job seekers, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria no doubt, has reached a critical dimension. The increased numbers of colleges of Education and other tertiary institutions have turned out very many graduates from different walks of life and academic disciplines in the enlarged Labour market.

Even The situation has caused our fresh, young and energetic school leavers to undergo lots of miniature works as way to surviving the chronic unemployment syndrome. Others resort to travelling out of the country to look for greener pastures. This situation is not to the best interest of the Nations economic growth since, the positive economic contributions of this caliber of people will no doubt add much to the economic development.

It is in this light of this awful situation that Mr. Bimbo Adewale, an economic guru and the Executive Managing Director of MOBILE CV spoke to us on the various opportunities that are awaiting Nigerian Youths who subscribe with the MOBILE CV organization by making a purchase of the MOBILE CV Voucher with a little token of #300.

In his words, Mr Bimbo Adewale who is a graduate of Marketing with a second Degree in strategic Management said that the motive of going for tertiary education is to get a Job after Graduation and as such, very many people ,post graduation, hover around the streets in search of white collar Jobs. The fact that very many organizations and employment agencies, expect to collect the credentials from the use of the internet and the situation gave birth to the MOBILE CV to ease the intricacies that is associated with the search for Jobs through the internet.

Having stood for eight years post graduation without gainful employment, MOBILE CV, Mr. Bimbo further said come as a solution provider to combat this ugly experience of unemployment after graduation.


- T To see that every Nigerian unemployed Graduate is employed.

- G Getting a Job is our dream for Nigerians.

According to Mr. Femi who is one of the Executive Directors of the MOBILE CV, the slogan of the organization is that “YOUR AMBITION NEEDS ACTION”

The MOBILE CV he further said helps Nigerians Job seekers to do things smartly from the comfort of their home, toilet, Church, Mosque e.t.c i.e. you can apply for Job in many organizations as far as there is network on your phone.

MOBILE CV is the latest Mobile application in Nigeria that enables unemployed, employed and general Public to send their CV/Resume via their Mobile phones without internet access to companies, organizations and parastatals.

MOBILE CV is invented to create balance between the Rich and Poor, between the applicants with internet access to apply for the same Job at the same time without delay.

As soon as you have a Mobile phone set, you can now send your CV/Resume on the go.

According to Mr. Bimbo who explained how he sojourned for approximately eight years in the wilderness of unemployment before getting a Job that compelled him to work as a monkey to survive, “Life without a Job is not a sweet one” He said!

Having gathered more than enough in his work, in terms of experience, money and valuable properties, instituted the MOBILE CV as away to proffering solutions to those who are looking for Jobs on the streets. Even when he contacted the Banks foe a take off-loan, the Banks turned him down saying to him that he should go into the world and multiply and when he has gathered enough, they (i.e. Banks) can come in to assist him.


He sold his first and second car plus other funds he has been able to gather all to the tune of one million, eight hundred thousand naira to start the MOBILE CV organization.

The products they are selling is I.T i.e. “Information Technology” and in this area of endeavor,

One needs to plan ahead of time, putting everything in order so as to meet up with the trends.

Because of the Nature of the product, it is seen to be capital intensive. Hence, his ploughing in about 1.8million naira for an effective take off towards meeting with the future like say in fifteen years future plan and arrangement.


- You’ll buy the MOBILE CV Voucher AT THE RATE OF #300

N/B the Voucher will give you access to update your CV in their Database.

-The MOBILE CV will always alert their subscribers of Job opportunities existing in all their partnership organization through their cell phones.

The subscribers will then text their CVs to the organizations concerned.


-Job seekers can still make money while searching for Jobs by engaging in the selling of MOBILE CV Vouchers and making commissions.

-Many Nigerian Job Seekers gain financial freedom by securing Jobs through MOBILE CV contacts

-MOBILE CV is the fastest way of sending out CV than others.


-Families through the parents can engage in the sale of the Voucher as a way of generating income.

-MTN, GLO, ZAIN recharge card sellers can also engage in the sale of MOBILE CV Voucher.

-MOBILE CV Vouchers can also be sold at NYSC orientation Camp all over the country.

-Major departmental stores, supermarkets and retail outlets can also engage in the sale of MOBILE CV.

-Government parastatals like ministry of Employment and productivity can also sell MOBILE CV Voucher.

-Also, MOBILE CV Voucher can be sold at the NDE i.e. (NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF EMPLOYMENT)

The MOBILE CV team is made up of the Managing Director Mr. Bimbo Adewale, three Executive Directors: Mr. Femi Adeboyejo, Mr. Patric Osakwe, Mr. Niyi Adeboyejo, plus (24) twenty four other staff.


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Peter Essien

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